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Ben Robu – Motivational Speaker

Motivational Speaker Ben Robu is Brilliant, Inspirational & Engaging

Ben Robu offers a range of motivational speaker services including life coaching, careers coaching and executive coaching for individuals and organisations. Coaching does not focus on things that are causing distress, but instead involves identifying and striving toward specific goals that are desired.

Ben is a highly sought after motivational speaker in Ireland. His experience in the areas of Leadership, Personal Growth and Business Development make him an ideal motivational.

Ben Robu – The Baron of Dublin

Ben is committed to life long learning and continuous professional development and is driven by self-belief, determination and a positive mental attitude.

He provides his audience a positive message, motivation, the confidence to turn problems into solutions and the inspiration to build success into life and business.

Ben is a strong exponent in facilitating people to realise their own potential through the creation of supportive environments that are conducive to the delivery of high performance in people and processes. He has worked across a broad spectrum of successful businesses.

When you or business requires a motivational speaker Ben is the man to motivate you and your team.




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What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.

Zig Ziglar

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Ben Robu – The Baron of Dublin

Ben Robu

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