Focus on results.

The wheel is invented.

”Most people say that it’s the intellect which makes a great scientist. They are wrong: it is character. “Albert Einstien.
Why waste time trying to re-invent it?
Your life is way too short and would be our biggest mistake to ignore the ocean of knowledge of people around us, our ancestors, Teachers and Masters. We choose to follow someone better as a temporary measure, to save time ‘till we get some clarity. Not because we don’t trust ourselves, or we need an emotional crush, but because we must be curious and we want see what we can become.

“It is in giving that we are receiving” – St.Francis

“Be prepared at all times for the gifts of God and be ready always for new ones. For God is a thousand times more ready to give than we are to receive.“ Meister Eckhart

We all are obsessed with geting stuff and things from this life. There is nothing odd with having the dream mansion or having more disposable income. You will be able to help more people who are struggling, giving more to charity. But getting from life as a way of hoarding and accumulation will lose its meaning. The only reason you get more, is to let it flow through you and chanel it toward those in need. Please, do not be too proud about your achievements. Eventually, our possesions will enchain us because we are afraid of losing it. We become enslaved by thise feelings of possesions. You walk among illusions and you become one of it. Maybe “we gained the world…Yes, but we lost our soul”, as Jesus said. There is not other feeling more subtle and powerful than when you give from your heart without expecting anything in return. I did not understood this principle ‘till I had the madness, the inspiration and courage to take 1000 euros and give it to charity. I was desperate and rock bottom, but I could fall no more. Losing my best costumer in the process, my life changed dramaticly after that event and accelerated the process of geting whatever I want. You will not believe it, till you do it.

Prayer& Mediation.

“I have so much to do today, I will need to spend another hour on my knees.” Martin Luther King

Even in the darkest and impossible situation, when your eyes can’t see the solution you still have one more option: the prayer The power of a single pray will activate the uncontaminated conscious light.

When darkness and light embrace, only light remains. The scent of that embrace is a magnetic force that will give you the strength to breath one more time, and in that silence see clearly through the tears of pain and disapear. Once that force touches you, there is only one direction:follow the Light, follow your heart. Only when you are ready to loose, to risk everything and surrender you will find yourself. That is how legends, heroes and saints are born.

Prayer is a dialoge with God. You came in this life with a precise purpose and mission. Are you aware of this?

Be not under any illusion: whatever you are looking for, is inside of you. Invite in your life a greater force than yourself, and the moment you do, help is on the way. Jessus, Buddha or Allah, saints, angels and archangels, teachers and barons, whoever you prefer.

The enemies of your peace are not outside:they are inside. The shackles that keeps you a prisoner, the fears, attachments, bad and good experiences from the past, they are a mental drug. And is very addictive. They keep us in a self created concentrantion camp.

The sad thing is that they do not have even the half of strength we think they have in the face of our prayers. The crises is a wake up call and a chance to start all over again. Did you notice how passionate we pray during a crises? What if we start praying long before the crises hits the fan? Can you imagine the amount of hartaches we save when we do that?

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