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Baron Benoni Robu is a member of the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Ireland

What can hypnotherapy help with?

Hypnosis is beneficial and safe, and can be used to help our clients to achieve positive change in areas such as:

Hypnotherapy Resolves:




Fears & Compulsions

Stop Smoking


Public Speaking

Excel in Sports

Hypnotherapy Resolves:

Sexual Problems

Improve Memory & Increase Concentration

Learning to Relax

Manage Stress

Remove Blushes

Bladder Problems

Overcome Exams Anxiety

Relief from Allergies

Hypnotherapy Resolves:


Grief & Sorrow

Remove Panic



Stop Nail Biting

Unleash Sales Ability and Much More…


Hypnosis is best described as a very deep state of relaxation and concentration induced by suggestion. Hypnosis is a normal, non-addictive natural, healthy state of mind. It is a complete misconception that if you are hypnotized, you are asleep or in any state of unconsciousness.

You are in fact able to hear, talk, move and think.


Virtually anyone can be hypnotised. All you need to do is follow your hypnotherapist’s instructions and have a reasonable attention span. Up to 95 percent of people can be hypnotized to some degree. The depth that people reach in hypnosis varies between individuals. A hypnotist can test in advance how well a person is likely to respond.

While in hypnosis, you cannot be made to do things you would not normally do. In fact, you can not even be hypnotized against your will. You are always in control of your mind and are aware of what is going on. The subject sits or lies in a comfortable position, takes a few deep breaths, concentrates on a thought, object or point in space, and is instructed to relax.


Your hypnosis session is confidential. First, you will learn about hypnosis. Most of your first session is educational, you will get to understand how you will be using hypnosis and how your subconscious mind operates. When people know more about hypnosis, they tend to do better in the hypnotherapeutic process. After all your questions about hypnosis have been answered, then and only then will you be guided into a state of hypnotic relaxation, where you will begin the process that will help you to achieve your desired results. It is not necessary to achieve a very deep level of hypnosis to bring about change to habits or conditions that are having a negative impact either mentally, physically or emotionally.


Scans of people in hypnosis show that the brain activation seen in hypnosis is quite different from that seen in normal waking or sleeping or in meditation.


No. When in hypnosis, the conscious mind takes a rest. Hypnosis allows client and hypnotherapist to tap into the storehouse of information that lies in the subconscious (or unconscious mind) and makes positive changes to thought patterns, habits or the effects of traumatic incidents that are having a negative impact either mentally, emotionally or physically.

Are any abilities enhanced during Hypnosis?
Yes. Your ability to IMAGINE · Your ability to REMEMBER · Your CREATIVE abilities · Your responsiveness to POSITIVE suggestions.

How many sessions will it take?
Every condition is different.
A). Suggestion Therapy : For smoking, slimming, nail-biting, pre-test/exam nerves/confidence etc. One to three sessions only is required, which includes a free hypnotherapy CD for solution- focused therapy on the symptoms you consult with. The personalized hypnotic CD will maximize the desire for change as you enjoy rapid and powerful results. Each session lasts 60 minutes. Note: There is no introductory talk necessary for Suggestion Therapy

B). Analytical Therapy :which takes approxImately 8-10 sessions. Each session last 60 minutes. This is a totally private and individual therapy. The first session is concerned with finding out about your problem and assessing how best to treat it. Note: An introductory talk is necessary for Analytical Therapy.

Will my personality be changed?
No. What hypnotherapy does is to help bring out the best in you. This means that you will change by leaving behind any habits or baggage you no longer need or want and thereby become a stronger and happier person. Hypnosis will not put something into you that was not there in the first place. It just helps you to uncover your strong and good qualities, which you may not even known  you have.

Can I learn self-hypnosis?

A Hypnotherapist can teach you to use self-hypnosis thereby giving you a life long skill to change behaviours, intrusive thoughts and emotions that no longer serve you.

Is a Doctor’s Referral Necessary?
A referral is usually not necessary. A medical check is advisable before therapy in cases where the problem may have a predominantly physical cause. Often the Hypnotherapist will work in conjunction with your Doctor.

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