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As a life coach Ben Robu can help you achieve the following.

Identify what you really want and set goals

See things clearly from different perspectives

Create the life you really want and find purpose

Stay motivated, focused and on track

Ben Robu, life coaching offers a range of coaching services including life coach, job coach and executive coaching for individuals and organisations. As a life coach, I do not focus on things that are causing distress, but instead involves identifying and striving towards specific goals that are desired. Do you need the direction of a professional life coach. All of us are born with an incredible gift sometime it can take a life coach to get you back on track when you lose your focus. Book an appointment with life coach Ben Robu to and start putting your personal and professional life back on track.

I am a life coach and inspirational leader that teaches others to unlock their true potential to achieve a life of abundance, peace and joy. I can assist you in discovering the real you, Your Life Purpose.

Benefit that can be expected through the application of my tools and teaching principles:

– A life coach can help you with the following. Discover your life purpose and set yourself on the road to achieving anything you want, the truth will set you free.
– Reduce stress and eradicate fear
– Achieve balance in all areas of your life
– Discover Inner Peace

– Enhance self-respect, self esteem and self confidence
– Know your true self and attract fulfilling relationships
– Learn the laws of attraction and cause and effect
– Remove unconscious emotional blocks that sabotage your success and progress
– Find your soul mate

“If I can see further than you, it is because I am standing on the shoulders of giants.”

Isaac Newton


My coaching skills uses, careful questioning, listening, observation, feedback and intuition to tap into your own rich resources of knowledge, experience and potential and get you the results you want from your life coach. Ben’s work as life coach led him to write a book about his journey if life. The book will be published later this and is a fascinating read

  • Identify what you really want and set goals

  • See things clearly from different perspectives

  • Create the life you really want and find renewed purpose.
  • Stay motivated, focused and on track


As a life coach I focus on identifying and working towards specific goals linked to improving quality of life and personal fulfilment. Careers coaching focuses on personality/work fit, exploring what types of career may be most rewarding to you. Executive coaching is commonly employed by those in highly successful roles wishing further enhancement and development.

I achieved financial and personal freedom by embracing challenges and understanding that life is a journey of discovery. To save time, I followed a few teachers and masters. Why would you ignore the immense reservoir of knowledge from someone who walked the path before you. You can achieve anything, but you can’t create time. I currently run a number of successful businesses and am constantly looking for new opportunities to help others and learn.

Values form the foundation of your life. They dictate the choices you make and determine the direction that your life takes. Your values will influence your decisions related to your relationships, career, and other activities you engage in. By aligning your values with your actions and your goals you will become empowered.

Motivation is, in its simplest form, the force that drives you to do things. Motivation is far from a simple topic; there are many books, websites and articles that attempt to explain motivation and some top academics have dedicated their life’s work to trying to understand, model and develop motivation theory.

I am in the process of registering the Baron Foundation, with the purpose of building a retirement home in my village in Romania. The project is a token of appreciation for my teachers and people who have helped me get to where I am today. We sponsor students and people caught in the poverty trap.
The foundation is funded by donations from Irish people,  customers, business communities in Dublin, Romanians and immigrants from all around the world.

My book is a memoir and tells my journey from starvation in a communist country to achieving my dreams in the West. Surviving deportations, a concentration camp, a near death experience, bullets.  The book has a very simple message: If I can achieve what I have, without any English, what is stopping you? You don’t need to suffer or experience my pain, but in order to improve your life you have to make a few changes and start believing in your dreams. You were led to this site, and the time is right to make a shift in perception and find the treasures buried inside yourself. The choice is yours. The lock can only be opened from the inside; you are the only person holding the key.




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