Think. Think. Think.

The biggest tragedy in today’s life is that we follow almost anyone without stopping to think and see what direction we are going. You have to stop and ask a few questions, before the time is running out. We are chasing success and flashy things in life but the day you stop running you arrive. People are often asking me:What is wrong with men?

We break all the records. We are leaning the ladder against the wrong wall without thinking too much. We are followers in a hypnotik rythm without having the inspiration to question our life’s meaning and start working on a childhood dream. We are heading for self-distruction and we lost even the ablity to smille.

-Einstein said:”It was easier to split the atom than a prejudice. People are not themselves by any means. They are controlled. They become puppets, their behaviour, feelings and attitude are mechanical. They don’t have living feelings, or living behaviour, and don’t know it. They are responding to the voices and experiences from the past. They had some experiences that control them, and they are not free, they are not alive”. Do you fit into this category? That is the greatest obstacles for spiritual life, for reaching our full potential.

Like attracts like. Just be who you are, calm, clear and bright. No panic. Automatically, as we shine who we are, asking ourselves every minute: is this what I really want? Ask the heart and you are always on the right track when you start listening. Really listening.

When darkness and light embrace, only light remains. The scent of that embrace is a magnetic force that will give you the strenght to breath one more time, and in that silence see clearly through the tears of pain and disapear. Once that force touches you, there is only one direction:follow the Light, follow your heart. Only when you are ready to lose, to risk everything and surrender you will find yourself. That is how legends, heroes and saints are born.

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